About Us

Initially, Plas-Tec Enterprise was established in 1997 to manufacture flexible plastic tubings and bags in Ipoh, Perak and then later moved to Sungai Siput (U), Perak in 2003 for business expansion.

Plas-Tec Industries Sdn Bhd (“Plas-Tec”) was then incorporated on 16 August 2005 to instil a corporate image as a good flexible plastic packaging solution provider and in product innovation and also to further expand our business for local and oversea markets. We are now principally involved in the manufacture and sale of plastic packaging materials for food, non-food, heavy duty and agriculture industries.

We then relocated our factory in 2009 to a bigger and greener pasture in Sungai Siput (U) in an effort to produce more environmental friendly, hygienic and better quality products especially for food industry as well as to cater for a wider spectrum of industries both locally and abroad.

Our products manufactured are not only distributed locally and have also successfully penetrated to the ASEAN markets; namely, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Our export market, which currently comprises of about 20% of its turnover, is expected to increase to more than 50% in years to come.

Our manufacturing facilities are installed with the state-of-art machinery to cope the increasing demand for its products and to increase variety of other specialised or customised products. With further investment on printing machine and solvent free lamination machine, bag making machines and high extrusion machine with automatic thickness control and internal bubble control systems, we are aiming to become a leading integrated flexible packaging materials manufacturer and exporter.


Many plastic converters/companies do not own any extrusion machines so they have to purchase plastic films from outside suppliers for their production. We, however, even able to produce our own specialty films such as WPE, SPE and BCPP films with many enhanced overall features over other films in term of cost saving, transparency, glossiness, stiffness, tensile strength, impact strength, hot tact melt, thickness range, even thickness, tension winding, freezing temperature, gas/water vapour barrier, printability, stock space saving, production downtime, safety, eco-friendliness and suitability to act as laminating/printing film as well as ability to replace other substrates.

Our specialty films with good sealing feature could minimise leakage/contamination and retain aroma/taste while good tearing-off feature could ease in opening of sachets/packets. These films are very suitable for high speed food packaging such as instant coffee, instant noodle and seasoning. With such specialty films couple with other substrates, we have a better advantage edge to meet your requirements.

Furthermore, we are pleased to inform that, being one of the three companies in Malaysia having the solvent free lamination machine, we are able to produce zero solvent retention products thereby enhancing the product safety level especially for food industry and eco-friendliness. Solvent free lamination is able to retain food’s original aroma/taste and safety.



Many companies, however, use solvent for lamination. The solvent may permeate through the laminated plastic films especially those with loosely packed molecular structure and contaminate the food ingredients as well as absorb the food’s original natural aroma/taste. Consumers who are sensitive to solvent may face possible temporary symptoms including vomiting, nausea and/or diarrhoea if exposed to this contaminated food. Click here for the extract on packaging problem faced by Kellogg indicating importance of proper packaging.

As such, our products are not only well received by end-users such as factories, millers, packers, distributors and traders but also by other plastic converters both local and abroad.

Our experienced and highly motivated team of directors and the management staff, who have developed this business since the inception, have a strong foundation and the strength to move forward to achieve its goal to supply quality products globally.



Currently, Malaysians are generating waste products at a rather alarming rate, much faster than the natural degradation process and they are using up resources at a speed exceeding the rate these materials are being replaced.

At the generation of 22,000 tonnes of solid wastes per day to about 8.03 million tonnes of solid wastes in Malaysia in 2009, enough to fill up 46 buildings the same size as that of the world-renowned Petronas Twin Towers. To make matter worse, the waste is projected to increase to 30,000 tonnes per day by year 2020.

Thus waste reduction and recycling is no longer an option but a necessity in efforts to protect both the environment and our life quality as well as a step toward achieving the Government’s objective to increase the recycling rate from 4% in 2007 up to 22% by year 2020.

However, there is harsh economics behind plastic bag recycling. Less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled as it costs more to recycle a bag than to produce a new one.

As such, focus should be on reduction in waste generation rather than on recycling, as the current lifestyle of “throw-away and over-consumerist” culture does not help to improve the situation. Click here for the extract on waste management emphasised on reduction rather than recycling.

We already have make a step forward in product innovation and downgauging to make thinner plastic film without compromising its features and quality. Production of thinner film could help save our Earth by reducing the consumption of plastic raw materials.

Beside generating less wastage, usage of thinner films also enable longer meter length for production to reduce downtime and higher saving in stock space.

While it is difficult to totally eliminate the use of flexible plastic packaging materials in today’s world, we greatly appreciate that your esteemed company would explore the possibility of doing mutually beneficial business together while also playing a meaningful role to encourage the end-users and the consumers alike to use thinner packaging in tandem to the global call for the practice of 3R’s awareness to save our Earth.


Wanted: Overseas Agents /Representatives

We are seeking interested overseas agents/ representatives to become our business partners to market our products in Australia, Cambodia, China, European Union, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Vietnam and many more countries.